What to Put in a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are great gifts for virtually everyone on your list for any type of occasion. Even though you may think of gift baskets as impersonal on one hand, on the other hand gift baskets can be truly a creative gift for anyone to receive. Prepackaged gift baskets, however, may actually be those impersonal gifts that many people don’t like to receive because they may only include generic gifts anyway, such as hot tea packets, chocolate candies, and other types of food or candy that you may not even want. However, if you make a gift basket right and include all of the things that the person you are making it for may like then you definitely have a good shot at pleasing the recipient. After all, giving a gift is the most important concept about a gift basket so making sure that it is received well is of utmost importance!

However, the problem with gift baskets usually lies in the fact that many people simply are at a loss as to know what type of gifts to put in their gift basket for whoever they’re buying. On the other hand, chances are that if you’re not buying for a total Scrooge then virtually any type of gift that you place in the basket will be well received by the recipient! But because there are many people who arrive at a loss or hesitate after they start making their own gift baskets, here are some suggestions for what to place in the gift basket you are creating:

Movies and Books

Who says that movies and books don’t make great gift ideas? Chances are that if you are purchasing a basket and making a gift basket for one of your close friends or family members then you know the types of things that he or she likes. Most people generally love to watch movies and read books, so these can make great gifts when put together in a gift basket. On the other hand, if you’re not too sure about whether or not the person loves to read then you can also buy a variety of gift cards along with the inclusion of the movies so that the recipient will be able to return the unwanted book gift card if they so desire! Nevertheless, though, books and movies are great components to add to a gift basket for any occasion!


Another great gift for almost anyone you are buying for is stationary! Stationary can come in lots of forms, shapes, and sizes so you may want to try to find creative stationary gifts to include with your gift basket. Ideas like pens, pencils, and perhaps some letterhead paper that may even have their name embedded on the product somehow adds a perfect personalization technique to the gift basket you’re filling!

Of course, there are plenty of other great things to add to your gift basket as well! Much of knowing what to put in a gift basket relies on how well you know the person that you are buying the basket for, but you’ll have that issue no matter what type of gift you are trying to buy anyway. Buying a gift basket, though, will make buying something extra-special a whole lot easier!


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