Bigfoot Sightings Encounter Experiences

Here you will find a compilation of firsthand reports on Sightings and Encounters with Bigfoot throughout the country.  These reports are by the individuals that had these experiences, they are unedited and in their own words.

We provide them here in hopes that you will gain a better understanding of what they experienced while having the encounter.

Use this search bar to Search any Term to narrow your results.  You can also SORT the Sightings by the Column Headings.


Date of Sighting State Distance Day or Night Details
August 10, 1974 Oregon 1500 Day Time Details
February 9, 2006 California 8 Night Time Details
July 18, 2013 New York 30 Night Time Details
July 21, 1973 Georgia 1.5 Night Time Details
August 6, 2016 Massachusetts 30 Day Time Details

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