Bigfoot Sightings by Distance Project

WELCOME to the BIGFOOT PROJECT… This project is designed to depict the number of Bigfoot encounters in each US State, the Distance of the Encounter, was the encounter during the Day or at Night, Pictures or Video, Vocalizations, Footprints and a Description of the Encounter.

We are gathering this information from several sources all from firsthand experiences.  The sightings are reported by the individuals that had them.

We will provide LIVE Updates as the information comes in. We will also chart all of the different groups, show the total counts per group and the breakdown per group on a Pie chart or Graph.

This is The Bigfoot Project Podcast where we will look into the many aspects of the mysterious creature called Bigfoot.

We have created a DEDICATED site for the Bigfoot Research, it is:

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Your support Helps us pay for this site and conduct Analysis Research, everything helps…  besides, you get Cool Bigfoot STUFF…