Bigfoot Sightings by Distance Project

WELCOME to the BIGFOOT PROJECT… This project is designed to depict the number of Bigfoot encounters in each US State, the Distance of the Encounter, was the encounter during the Day or at Night, Pictures or Video, Vocalizations, Footprints and a Description of the Encounter.

We are gathering this information from several sources all from firsthand experiences.  The sightings are reported by the individuals that had them.

We will provide LIVE Updates as the information comes in. We will also chart all of the different groups, show the total counts per group and the breakdown per group on a Pie chart or Graph.

If you have had a sighting and want to share it with us, please use the SUBMIT Sighting Report tab.  If you have already shared the experience with us on here, please don’t repeat it, but you can EDIT your report by using the My Sighting Reports Tab.  If you have had multiple sightings share each one. 

This is The Bigfoot Project Podcast where we will look into the many aspects of the mysterious creature called Bigfoot.

Bigfoot History – A look into the origins of the Bigfoot, the myths that surround them and the folklore that has carried on throughout history.

Bigfoot Stories is a collection of our users’ imagination. This section is dedicated to the fictional telling of stories for the fun of it.  

This Project is intended to be Educational and Fun and to provide some insight from individuals having these encounters.

The Picture Section  shows various aspects of Bigfoot, to include sightings, footprints and other evidence. Resourced on the internet and by users.

Bigfoot Events coming up for you to attend, see what’s happening in your area.

This is a list of Bigfoot Related Places of Interest for you to visit, both in person & online.

Bigfoot Movies is a section of movies that we found that are FREE to watch, these are production movies for entertainment.

We will also provide additional information to ADD to the Fun Part, we will have a MEME Section to display IMAGES & VIDEOS from the internet and users.

The Bigfoot Project Mission

To gather information from the individuals that have witnessed, encounters, heard or seen anything related to Bigfoot.  This information will be analyzed, and the results will be shown on this site.

The Goal is to track similarities in sightings and other data to determine possible patterns or habits.

We strive to compile this data along with other relevant information in one central place for your review.

We will also gather and display information, videos, podcasts and any other information that can be used to better understand Bigfoot.

Get Involved

Be a part of this data collection, if you have witnesses, seen or heard anything please complete a Sighting Report and let others know and help build this database.

Spread the Word

Let others know about this project, do share the links with your friends and relatives so they can also help build this project and increase our awareness of Bigfoot.

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