Sasquatch 2003

The Untold: A.K.A. Sasquatch (2003) – An forgotten Syfy movie

This is the BIGFOOT MOVIE Section, here we will have a selection of movies for your entertainment.  These will be movies just for fun and entertainment.

This is a long-forgotten TV movie that aired on Syfy during the year of 2003 entitled ‘The Untold: A.K.A. Sasquatch’ that was released worldwide through Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment folks…

The plot of the film: Tara Knowles, a researcher for Bio-Comp, and a small crew are flying over the Canadian wilderness when their plane malfunctions. They survive the crash but encounter a monster that seemingly kills them all. Weeks pass and with official rescue missions called off, Tara’s father, Harlan Knowles, puts together his own crew: his computer engineer Plazz, insurance representative Marla Lawson, famous survivalist Winston Burg, forensic investigator Nikki Adams, and local mountain man Clayton Tyne. After arriving in the suspected crash zone, they hear loud roars in the forest. On their first night, Marla is attacked in her tent by what Clayton determines was a grizzly bear.

The next day, they come across the deceased bear and discover its neck was broken by a nearby boulder.

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