Poll – Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a large, hairy, human-like creature that is believed by some people to exist in the forests of the American Northwest and western Canada. It is considered a cryptid, which means that it is a species rumored to exist, but for which there is little or no scientific evidence . The creature has been the subject of numerous sightings and reports over the years, but its existence has not been confirmed by science.

In 1976, the FBI received a request from Peter Byrne of the Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition in Oregon to analyze hair samples that were believed to be from Bigfoot. The FBI analyzed the hair and concluded that it was of deer family origin .

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, Bigfoot remains a popular subject of interest for many people around the world. There are even organizations dedicated to researching and investigating sightings of the creature .

Do you Believe in Bigfoot?

Poll - Do you Believe in Bigfoot
Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

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