Pissed Bigfoot Sends Another Message At Sundown

This is the VIDEO Section, here we will have a selection of videos for your review.  These will be videos from firsthand encounters as described by each of them.  It’s up to you to determine the interpretation of the video.

Hunt Camp Series video 11. This video is posted late within the hunt camp series, its trail cam footage while the two hunters were still camped in the area but were away from camp and it’s a good thing they weren’t there, this Bigfoot is one scary beast and for the money that Outbound Tent Rocks.

Take a look at this video, watch it several times, determine what you think you see.  Even from a trail cam I think the facial features would be more clear, look at the trees and leaves, they have a definite distinct image showing.

Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts. 

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