Making a Kite

Flying a kite is good exercise and a lot of fun (even if you don’t get the kite up in the air).
Instead of going out and buying a kite, make one instead. You will need fabric (or very
strong paper), strong glue, two wooden dowels and string.

To begin, lay the two dowels in a cross position and use some of the string to lash the
sticks together into that position. You will do this by weaving the string in and out of the
dowels. Once the dowels are secure, put glue on the string and leave it to dry. Once this
is done you should have a strong frame for your kite.

The next step is to create a frame around your dowels using the string. To make sure the
string does not slip, cut a small notch at the end of each dowel. Starting at one end, wrap
the string around the dowel where the notch is and then bring the string to the next dowel
while keeping the string taut wrap it around the next dowel. Continue until string is
connecting all four dowels. Again, put dabs of glue on the string where it meets the
dowels and leave to dry.

Once your completed frame is dry, lay your fabric on the kite frame and cut it with an
extra one inch on all sides to wrap around the frame. Use glue to secure the fabric
around the kite frame.

The last step is to attach the string to the kite. You will need to make what is called a
bridle by attaching the string to the kite frame in two locations (they should be on
opposite sides) in a loop formation. Then attach the string you are going to use to fly the
kite to the bridle.

Now Go Fly a Kite

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