Expedition Bigfoot! :The Sasquatch Museum GEORGIA

Does Bigfoot Exist?

We at Expedition Bigfoot believe in the existence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch either from personal experience and encounters or from witness testimony and evidence. Our museum provides a lot of that evidence, and leaves the question of Bigfoot’s existence up to you.

So whether you’re a skeptic, believer or “knower”, all are welcome.

What are your hours?

Hours are daily from 10:00am to 5:00pm EST. 

We take our last museum admission at 4:30pm.

Winter hours may vary.

Also closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Expedition Bigfoot! :The Sasquatch Museum

1934 Hwy 515

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

tel: (706) 946-2601

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