Bad Habits That Will Kill Your Motivation

There are thousands of guides, self-help books, and videos on how to increase your motivation, but it doesn’t matter how long you try to listen to the various motivational guru’s, some of the things that you are doing will sap your motivation right out of you again. The following habits will quickly kill your motivation and make it difficult to find it again.


Losing Sight of Your Goals

Whether your goal is to earn more money, lose weight, or buy a house, you can’t forget why it is that you are doing what you’re doing. If you concentrate too much on accomplishing the task itself, rather than the objective you will give up on your goals too quickly.


Being Easily Distracted

One of the quickest ways to lose your motivation is to give in to the temptation of distraction rather than concentrating on the task at hand. There will always be something else that you would instead be doing, but if you want to maintain your motivation to accomplish your job, then you have to leave it until later.


Never Getting Started

Once you’ve made up your mind on what you want to accomplish, you just need to get on with it. It is important to remember that tomorrow never comes and the longer that you put off the task that harder it will be to accomplish it.


Giving into Failure

If you ever want to accomplish your goals, you can’t be put off by small setbacks. If you set a target to save so much money by a set date and you miss the mark slightly, then you don’t quit saving money altogether. You need to reevaluate your goal and make sure you didn’t just set an unrealistic goal in the first place.


Taking Notice of Negative People

You will always run into people who will take pleasure in raining on your parade. The best thing that you can do to keep your motivation is to ignore them. Your motivation is all about what you want, not what anyone else thinks, so don’t let negative people sap your determination.


Boredom can quickly kill your motivation and make you even more susceptible to distraction. Start your day with completing the tedious tasks first and then you will still have the exciting tasks to look forward to toward the end of your day.


Getting fired up is one thing, but maintaining the motivation is something else altogether. Setting realistic goals and staying focused on the task at hand will help you achieve everything you’ve set out to accomplish.

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