Nature Bracelets

Kids love to collect things and with this fun summer activity they can collect a little bit of
nature and have a keepsake for later. All that is needed to start this craft and activity is a
roll of clear packing tape and a pair of scissors to cut it.

Cut a piece of tape that is long enough to go loosely around the child’s wrist with a small
amount needed for overlap. When you put the tape around each child’s wrist put the
sticky side out. And that is all the prep that is needed.

Send the kids out into the backyard, park – somewhere outdoors and have them find
things to add to their bracelets. They will have to be small so they will stay stuck on the
tape. But small flowers, blades of grass, or leaves should all work. Have them find
enough treasures or bits of nature to completely cover the tape. They can wear their
creation for the day and when it is time to go inside carefully cut the tape of each wrist.

Either use more tape or use staples to fix the nature bracelet to a piece of poster board or
construction paper. Have each child write about the different bits of nature they collected
for their bracelet and why. If you have a child who can’t write yet, ask them why they
picked each item and write it down for them.

Most kids won’t have a hard time finding things to put on their bracelet and may even be
done in record time. As long as you have enough tape, let them make as many nature
bracelets that they want and use them for a collage later on. Another alternative is to
bring a piece of paper outside with tape already adhered to it – the kids can put their
nature finds right on the paper.