Drift Creek Suspension Bridge Hike

Distance:  3.5 miles
Season:     All Year
Class:        II

Directions:  Coming from Portland you will take I-5 South to the Tigard Newberg exit, Hwy 99W.  Stay on 99W through Newberg and Dundee.  Approximately 5 miles past Dundee is the junction of Hwy 18 West, the road sign reads Oregon Coast and Dayton.  Turn left onto Hwy 18.  You will stay on Hwy 18 for 41 miles to Bear Creek Road.  This is a difficult road to see so I will give you a landmark.  At approximately the 40-mile mark start looking for Brown’s Rosewood Lodge Gardens and Nursery on the right.  About ½ a mile further is the road sign.  It will state Bear Creek Road, Cougar Mt LO and Schooner Creek.  Also on the sign is the Drift Creek Falls Forest info.  From here turn left onto Bear Creek Road for 9 miles.  At approximately 2 miles onto the road it turns into gravel, but don’t be alarmed, the pavement comes back in about 1-½ miles and continues for most of the journey.

This is a narrow one-lane road that has many curves in it; caution should be exercised when driving it.  The parking lot is at the 9-mile point and is located on the left side of the road.

Trailhead:  The trailhead is located on the far side of the parking lot next to the NW Forest Pass pay station and information board.   NW Pass Required.

Restroom:  Yes, located on the other end of the parking lot opposite the trailhead.

The Hike: This hike starts with a series of long switchbacks as you descend to the bottom of the valley.  There is approximately a 12% grade, this is why it is rated a class II hike.  At ¼ of a mile you will come to a wooden bridge in the middle of one of the switchbacks.  This bridge offers you a wonderful view down the creek.  From here continue on the trail enjoying the many ferns that cover much of the forests floor.  Looking into the forest you will see signs of logging from many years ago, stumps, some downed trees and such.  The forest is doing great with many large trees along this hike. 

Points of Interest: 

Return:  For your return trip just turn around and go back on the same trail you came in on.