Peter Francis, Jr – Beads of the World – A Collector’s Guide with Price Reference


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Peter Francis, Jr – Beads of the World – A Collector’s Guide with Price Reference

Beads are the oldest and most widespread form of art. They have been made from all materials in every corner of the globe. Their uses are innumerable. They do not just decorate people, but many other things as well. Moreover, they function as status symbols, magic charms, and are helpful to us in many other ways. While there have always been people interested in beads, the lack of information on them has restricted their collecting. A few years ago there were only a handful of small bead societies and very little on beads in print. That is now changing rapidly; bead societies are being formed at an astounding rate around the U.S. and abroad. As with all collectibles, as interest in them grows, scarce beads rise in price. What has caused the boom in bead collecting is that today there are far more resources for collectors than ever. These include bead societies, bead conferences, and other support groups as well as much more published information. The author of this book is responsible for a great deal of this. Though there are other books on beads, Beads of the World is unique for two reasons. For one, it covers the universe of collectible beads, including beads made especially for trade and those produced locally for personal use. Moreover, it is written in a highly accessible style from extensive personal, first-hand knowledge. Much of this book is the author’s own work. It distills years of research to bring a comprehensive, global view of beads to brginning and experienced collectors and other studends of humanity. The detailed Appendix and Notes sections open up the fascinating “bead world” to newcomers and document past research for advanced collectors. The first bead price guide ever published will also prove useful.

The best and broadest reference on the origins and uses of beads available to date. Written to encourage collectors, it explores the importance of beads in their native settings in Europe, the Middle East, India, the Far East, Southeast Asia, North and South America and Africa. Beads of organic, stone, and glass materials are individually discussed, and newly revised values are provided to help the collector.

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