Healing Meditation – Audio Meditation For Accelerated Healing





Healing Meditation – Audio Meditation For Accelerated Healing

“Not Only Do Most People Fail Miserably In Changing Their Life, They Have No Idea About Using Meditation…”


Do you have this sinking feeling that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you will always wind up falling short when trying to achieve changing things in your life, your health and achieving success?

It’s crazy…

No matter how hard you try, you are always missing the mark. Even after trying all the tips you have learned along the way, it just doesn’t turn out well…

When I started looking into meditation, I wasn’t having much success either… I thought that by simply taking a few deep breaths and saying “ommm”, there is no way I can go wrong…

But I always fall flat on my face!

Little did I realize that…

Some Reasons for practicing meditation:

  • Some people just want a moment of relaxation in the middle of a hectic day.
  • Some people practice self-inquiry meditation to shed their ego.
  • Some people want to build their muscle of compassion.
  • Some people are even seeking enlightenment.
  • Some would even say that meditation shouldn’t have a goal.
  • What’s Your Reason?

This Audio Contains…

Healing Meditation – Audio Meditation For Accelerated Healing

Approximate Runtime 18 Minutes

Digital Download

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ALSO Available…. we have this Audio Meditation in our Online Courses for those that want easy access without hunting for the Audio File…

It has LIFETIME Access and comes with the Meditation Script as a BONUS



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