Get Hard (Blu-ray + DVD) (2015)


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Get Hard (Blu-ray + DVD) (2015)

In ‘Get Hard’, millionaire investment banker, James, is about to face hard prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. With only 30 days to get his affairs in order, he has one objective: get ready for prison. After years of privilege and luxury, the thought of surviving in a prison full of hardened criminals terrifies James so he reaches out to Darnell (Kevin Hart), the man who washes his car, for a crash course on how to survive in the big house. The problem is, despite James’s assumptions, Darnell has never been to prison but he is willing to play along in exchange for a large pay day. Two of comedy’s biggest stars partner for this outrageous comedy that shows all of the hilarious lengths one man will go at his most desperate moment. This two-disc Blu-ray set features unrated scenes even harder and more extreme than the original.
This includes both blu-ray and DVD that have only been watched one time so they are in excellent like NEW condition

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