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Abundance: Wealth

The greatest collection of financial words of abundance





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Abundance: Wealth
The greatest collection of financial words of abundance

Wealthy and abundant living is a mind-set. It is not dependent upon how much cash or resources you currently have, and it is not the outcome of one set of rituals or feng shui placements. For instance, one might feel rich and be in the flow of divine abundance with barely anything in the bank, while one might feel dire and anxious about the chance of lack with a bank balance of 1000000s. And your feelings and mind-set are what decide the quality of your life story, as they decide the way you process outside circumstances. If you’ll look inside for just a minute, you will agree that the way you process outside circumstances has immeasurably more power over your life story experience than the outside circumstances themselves. (And, in turn, over time, your outside circumstances will form themselves to mirror your inner state of abundance–or deficiency.)

Looking at all of this, this book will take you through tools and ways for everyday, minute -to- minute ways that you may refine the flow of your life story so that it you experience wealth, affluence, and ever-increasing abundance. Get all the info you need here.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: About Wealth, Mantras And Affirmations
Chapter 2: Wealth Quotes
Chapter 3: Wealth Mantras
Chapter 4: What The Famous Have To Say About Abundance
Chapter 5: Conclusion





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