Finding Relief With Meditation

I would like to take you beyond the limits of your customary thoughts and experiences. This new way of life begins with two questions that are very simple. The first question is would I want this to be true: “Every event that will befall me is absolutely the best possible event that could occur.” Meditate before answering this so that you can think about it with a clear mind and answer it truthfully. The second question is the more difficult part, is to truthfully answer this question: Will I give that a chance to be true?

Imagine using meditation that God has appeared before you this instant and said: “I promise you that everything that happens to you from this moment forward will be of the greatest benefit to you and will bring you the utmost good fortune,” Suppose God went on to tell you,” Even though what happens will appear at times unfortunate or even hurtful, in the end your life will be wonderfully blessed and hugely benefited by whatever may happen to you. Stop and meditate. How would you feel about that wonderful news? Happy? Perhaps you may even be filled with joy.

Wouldn’t it be the greatest news that you could ever hear? Wouldn’t you heave a deep sigh of relief and feel as if a great burden had been lifted from your shoulders? Wouldn’t you then respond to the next thing that happened-even if it was hurtful or took something from you or seemed bad or even unlucky-as though it was going to be wonderfully beneficial for you,the best possible thing that could have happened? If you have not enthusiastically answer yes,clear your mind,meditate on it.Perhaps you mistaken what I am talking to you about.

I am not talking to you about the common phrase we commonly hear, “try to make the best of things,” which basically means ” The situation or event really is bad and terribly unlucky, but do what you can possibly think of or meditate to salvage some good out of it.” Nor do I mean that within even the worst event possible, there can be found a tiny bit of good. I am not thinking in terms of such limited ideas. I am thinking in unlimited terms, where every event that befalls you is absolutely the best event that could occur-that there is no other event imaginable that could benefit you to any greater degree.

So, again, while you meditate ask yourself wouldn’t that be the best piece of news you could hear? If you are willing to give this new concept a chance and actually believe that everything that happens to you will happen for a reason. When thinking about anything, to get a great deal of relief just clear your mind and meditate about the good things that are to come to you in the future. Meditation can be much better than medication and you might just be really surprised how much better you will begin feeling after practicing it for a while.

Different Forms Of Meditation

There are no special tricks to meditating; no special posture or breathing rhythm is required. Once you have gotten the knack of it you can meditate anywhere during any activity. Some readers have succeeded in reaching this altered state of conscious while reading about my sand meditation, perhaps you too may realize this transformational state of consciousness as you read on…

Sometimes meditation opens a door into the mysteries of creation. If we allow ourselves to pass through this door there is no telling what we may encounter on the other side. Do not become discouraged if you have tried to meditate in the past and not gotten any remarkable results. Meditation is a mystical process and it may take awhile to learn how to quiet your mind and open yourself to all the present moment has to offer you.

My meditation began while sitting on a beach. My hands were sandy. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together feeling the grains of sand between them slipping away until only a single grain of sand remained. I could feel the shape of the grain of sand distinctly as I rolled it back and forth between my thumb and forefinger.

The longer I rolled the grain of sand about the more defined my awareness of the grain of sand became. The more detailed my experience of the grain of sand became the larger it appeared to be.
While I could clearly feel the tiny grain of sand trapped between my thumb and finger roll about across the grooves and ridges of my fingerprints the grain of sand appeared to be growing larger and larger as I contemplated it.

The grain of sand continued to grow, encompassing the beach and then the world. Before long the grain of sand had grown to an infinite size and it now encompassed all of creation; yet I still held the tiny grain of sand between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it about across the grooves and ridges of my fingerprints.

The tiny grain of sand was intimately connected to every part of creation and all of creation existed within it, even as it existed within my grasp. I communed with the grain of sand, aware of its infinite connectedness to everything else; through the medium of the grain of sand I became aware of my own infinite connectedness with all of creation.

The sand spoke to me of eternity. It told me tales about creation and the infinite nature of our existence in creation. From the grain of sand I learned that every tiniest part of creation is a living being experiencing creation and sharing in the process whereby creation makes everything manifest.

My meditation with a grain of sand always produced a feeling of intense bliss. It was an eternal meditation that transcended the time and place where it began to continue throughout all of creation. From time to time I would return to this meditation, engrossed by the wisdom and experience of a single tiny grain of sand.

Controlling Anger By Meditation

I have never really thought of myself as an angry person. I would always do whatever I could to try and help someone out, nor did I do anything that would hurt someone’s feelings, or I would try as hard as I could not to. Every month we struggle to get by but I really didn’t complain. I was just happy that we did have the money to pay our bills and have a place to live even though we barely had enough to survive on after paying the bills. Meditation is very much needed in most people’s lives, no doubt about that.

Even after all that I did not get angry, that changed last week. I really had to meditate to myself when I went with my sister to the doctor last week. My sister is a very hard worker. She never misses work unless it is absolutely necessary. Last year my sister had become sick and finally after being so weak she went to the doctor. He put her in the hospital and gave her 4 bags of blood and said she had pneumonia.

I just couldn’t understand how you lose blood by having pneumonia. As I meditated thinking about last year, I was not prepared to hear what the doctor was going to say as my sister, and I were driving to the doctor. You see my sister got sick again. She nearly collapsed at work and was taken to the hospital. This time she needed 5 bags of blood. She would keep telling me she was anemic. After the hospital did a CT scan on her they said she needed to go to her lung doctor immediately. That’s where my sister and I were going.

My sister never wants me to worry so she never told me anything and did not want me to go in the room with her when she went in to see the doctor. After I meditated on this I decided when they called her name I would go back with her, and that’s exactly what I did. The doctor came in and you could see immediately the concern on his face. He started reading the results of her CT scan. He was reading something about her lungs.

He talked about something growing in her nodules and spreading to her lymph nodes. He wasn’t saying it was cancer but I knew by what he was reading it was. I didn’t want to scare my sister so meditating to myself while he was talking I asked what does all this mean? Instead of asking is it cancer I asked could it be cancer?

His response was yes mam. She has to go for a biopsy in a couple of days to see how far it has progressed. I really find myself angry at this point because she has never smoked a day in her life, And here she is 49 years old with lung cancer. So instead of worrying for the next couple of days and getting angry, I simply practice meditation by praying that god please heal my sister.