Close up of Patty’s Toes Rising from Patterson Gimlin Film

This is the VIDEO Section, here we will have a selection of videos for your review.  These will be videos from firsthand encounters as described by each of them.  It’s up to you to determine the interpretation of the video.

Closeup of the Patterson subject as she walks in Bluff Creek California in 1967. Closeup of her toes rising as she walks. This is evidence Dr Meldrum used to prove the reality of the Patterson film. Credit Bill Munns for the closeups. The best evidence is ALWAYS the hardest to find and I’ve seen this footage before but lost track of it and FINALLY found it. Screen recorded it to make it my own because TRULY the powers that be don’t want you to see this stuff

The IMPOSSIBLE Walk of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film

In this video the unusual walking pattern of the 1967 Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film is analyzed. The biomechanics and gait of the Sasquatch walk are way off compared to a human, and would be almost impossible for a person do perform this very strange walk. It is the best scientific evidence that the creature in the film is a real Bigfoot, and not a hoax. Film by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin of the Bluff Creek, California Sasquatch filmed in 1967.

Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film - Rare Unedited Version

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