Brewster the Drinking Sasquatch

Story By:  Bill Turner

It was a warm summer day, in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, there lived a bigfoot named Brewster. He was a gentle giant who loved nothing more than spending his days fishing and drinking beer on the lake. One sunny afternoon, Brewster decided to take his canoe out for a spin on the lake. He packed a cooler full of his favorite beer and set off into the water.

As he paddled along, he noticed a group of hikers walking along the shore. Brewster had never seen humans before, so he was curious. He paddled over to the shore to get a closer look. As he approached, he realized that the hikers were not alone. They had brought their dogs with them.

Brewster had never seen dogs before either, and he was fascinated by them. He watched as they ran around and played in the water. Suddenly, one of the dogs spotted Brewster in his canoe and started barking loudly.

The hikers were startled by their dog’s barking and turned to see what was going on. When they saw Brewster in his canoe, they were shocked. They had never seen a bigfoot before.

Brewster tried to calm the dog down by offering him a beer from his cooler. The dog took a sip of the beer and immediately calmed down. The hikers were amazed that Brewster had beer in his cooler.

Brewster offered the hikers some beer too, and they gladly accepted. They spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer and chatting with Brewster. They learned that he was a friendly bigfoot who loved spending time on the lake.

As the sun began to set, Brewster said goodbye to the hikers and paddled back to his home in the forest. The hikers watched as he disappeared into the trees, amazed by their encounter with a bigfoot.

And that’s how Brewster, the bigfoot who loved beer and fishing, met a group of hikers on the lake.

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