The Bigfoot Brawl

The Bigfoot Brawl

Story By:  Bill Turner

Barry and Benny were two bigfoots who lived in the same forest. They were friends, but they also had a rivalry. They liked to compete with each other in everything, from hunting to fishing to tree-climbing. But their favorite contest was to see who had the biggest feet.

One day, they decided to settle the matter once and for all. They met at a clearing near a stream, where they could measure their feet with a stick. They agreed that whoever had the bigger feet would be the king of the forest, and the other one would have to do whatever he said for a week.

They took off their shoes and socks, and placed their feet next to each other on the ground. They both had huge, hairy feet, with long toes and thick nails. They looked very similar, but there was a slight difference. Barry’s feet were a bit longer, but Benny’s feet were a bit wider.

They picked up the stick and started to measure their feet. They measured the length, the width, and the circumference. They compared the numbers, and argued about which one was more important. They couldn’t agree on who had the bigger feet.

They started to get angry and frustrated. They accused each other of cheating and lying. They threw the stick away and began to push and shove each other. They grabbed each other’s hair and ears and noses. They kicked and punched and bit each other. They rolled on the ground, making loud noises and disturbing the animals.

They fought for a long time, until they were both exhausted and bruised. They lay on the ground, panting and groaning. They looked at each other, and realized how silly they had been. They had wasted their time and energy on something that didn’t matter. They had hurt their friendship over a stupid argument.

They felt ashamed and sorry. They apologized to each other, and hugged. They decided to forget about the contest, and agreed that they both had big feet. They put on their shoes and socks, and walked away. They vowed to never fight again, and to remain friends forever. They learned their lesson, and lived happily ever after.

The end.

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